A Fractional CFO Company

We’re driven to change the face of business and enable owners to experience the lifestyle they dream of.  

Our focus is on business systems and processes that provide accurate financial and operational information for business owners to make better decisions.  We take a partnership approach and truly want to feel the successes and failures of our clients. We want to link arms and go to battle for their success every day.  Some call us a fractional CFO, others call us partners.  

We spend time learning about the business and how its “engine” turns.  From there we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to build an architecture of systems and processes that enables accurate financial data and better insight to operational performance.  We manage the accounting team and the financial statement process to make sure the business is on the path towards its goals.



We were born out of the desire to help business owners.  We have seen what it looks like to run an efficient company and we hope to be able to deliver this into the marketplace.  

Will Akers has a diverse background in accounting and technology that gives him the ability to look into a business and help them understand where their processes need to be tweaked.  He brings his experience to every new engagement that we undertake.

Adam Slack started Two Roads in 2011 to serve businesses with accounting.  That same motivation is what is driving his passion to serve businesses now.  While most of what Atrio does centers around accounting, we help businesses in all aspects of what they do.



What People Say About Us


Atrio has helped us at Wood Properties immensely!  We have completely retooled our accounting systems and have cut our labor needs in half.  Now we have financial clarity every month and we have metrics to help grow our business.  I can't recommend this team enough.  They are the closest thing to having a partner that you can get.

George Brown, President of Wood Properties

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Atrio started helping us at Prince Technologies last year, since then we have completely transformed the way we do business.  They helped us implement structures to our business that give us the confidence to grow.  We now have daily insights into what we do and how that will affect our cash flow.

Ryan Prince, President of Prince Technologies


Will Akers

Co-FOUNDER, President

I love helping business owners experience what could be next for their business.  I'm constantly thinking of ways to help solve their current and future problems.  It's what get's me out of the bed in the morning.


Adam Slack

Co-FOUNDER, business development

I love business, I love systems.  My life has been spent trying to help find a better way to do something.  Let me help your company experience what's next.